2019-2020 Dates

5/20/2019: Fall Registration Opens

5/20/2019:  HS Girls Winter League Registration Opens

7/26/2019:  Fall Registration Closes

8/8/2019: Fall Team Placement Meeting

8/15/2019: Fall Schedules to Associations

9/7/2019:  Fall League Starts

11/8/2019: HS Girls Winter League Registration Closes

11/15/2019: HS Girls Winter League Placement Meeting

11/18/2019: HS Girls Winter League Schedules to Associations

12/7/2019: HS Girls Winter League Play Starts

12/2/2019: Spring Development League Registration Opens

1/31/2020: Spring Development League Registration Closes

2/7/2020: Spring Schedules Released

2/22/2020: Spring Development League Play Starts