About the North Puget Sound League

North Puget Sound League (NPSL) is a competitive youth soccer league that is a partnership of Washington Youth Soccer District 1 and District 2 and their eleven youth soccer associations comprising over 57,000 youth soccer players.  NPSL’s mission is to supply a competitive venue to its teams that makes geographic sense and is not limited by District or Association boundaries, is economical in both cost and time, and ensures “like or comparable” competition.  The NPSL was founded in 2009 and is sanctioned by Washington Youth Soccer.

Game Schedule Changes Process

Fall 2014 League Schedule

To be Posted in Late August

NPSL Club Reference Sheet

NPSL Club Abbreviation Reference Sheet

Special Note on Schedule Date/Time Change Requests
The NPSL schedules includes dates of matches. They do not include times or locations.  That is the responsibility of the host team to finalize. 

Once schedules are published by the NPSL, all NPSL league participants are requested to immediately review their schedules to ascertain known schedule conflicts.  It is requested of all NPSL league participants to expeditiously communicate any match date reschedule requests or requests for start time changes to the opposing team. 

All NPSL league participants agree, when they receive these start time change requests, to use their best efforts to accommodate match start time reschedule requests as their field resources permit and that are compliant with NPSL and WSYSA rules.