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Governing Documents

The Washington Youth Soccer Bylaws and Operating Procedures are the governing documents of the North Puget Sound League (NPSL).  Modifications to the Operating Procedures and Rules of Competition have been made express for NPSL competition.  The NPSL Operating Procedures and Rules of Competition can be found here.


In order to provide an environment under which the development of youth soccer players is maximized, the North Puget Sound League has been formed for age groups Under-10 through Under-18. It is jointly managed, administered and operated by Washington Youth Soccer's Districts 1 and 2 and their member associations.

The governance is supplied through the NPSL Steering Committee.  Each member association has a seat on this committee along with the District Commissioners for Districts 1 and 2 who provide guidance and oversight to this Inter-District League.  In addition to the Steering Committee, the work of the NPSL is carried out through the following subcommittees: Competition; Communications; Disciplinary; and Finance.

Contact Information

General Email: info@northpugetsoundleague.org

Scheduling: scheduler@northpugetsoundleague.org

Disciplinary: disciplinary@northpugetsoundleague.org

Steering Committee

The NPSL Steering Committee publishes the Operating Procedures and Rules of Competition for the NPSL. The NPSL Steering Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Chair and Communications - Lisa Getzendaner. Email 

  • Director of Competition & Webmaster - Yousef Habash. Email

  • Scheduler - Gerd Schmidt. Email

  • Disciplinary Chair - Mike Todd. Email

  • Registrar - Naomi Johnson. Email

  • EYSA Representative - Brian Curl. Email 

  • SYSA Representative - Jason Farrell Email

  • NYSA Representative - Brian Fadely Email.

  • NSYSA Representative - Ian McCallum Email

  • LWYSA Representative - Will Merrick. Email

  • District 1 Representative - Kelly Huestis. Email

  • Snohomish YSA Representative - Rich Sherwood. Email

  • SkYSA Representative - Duane Henson. Email.

  • NCYSA Representative - Naomi Johnson. Email

  • Whidbey YSA Representative -  Brian McCleary Email

  • Whatcom YSA Representative - Scott Caldwell Email

  • Whatcom YSA Alternate - Jason Conway Email

  • District 1 Commissioner - Mike Todd. Email.

  • District 2 Commissioner (Acting) - Larry Mana'o Email


The league structure for each division is based on the number of applicants. If teams drop, the league will be played as scheduled with a ‘bye’ inserted where games were previously scheduled, unless a new team is inserted by the NPSL Competition Subcommittee.

Participating Associations

Districts 1 & 2

The following Associations of Washington Youth Soccer's District 1 and District 2 are participating in the NPSL:


Districs 3 & 4

The following Associations of Washington Youth Soccer's District 3 and District 4 have clubs that are actively participating in the NPSL: