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Disciplinary Information

The NPSL Disciplinary Committee is comprised of representatives from participating associations that shall handle all disciplinary matters of the league. The committee reviews and acts upon misconduct reports each week following NPSL sanctioned matches and applies NPSL rules for game abandonments. These reports are viewed virtually, but in person meetings may be called by the Committee as needed
Referees shall report all game misconduct within 48 hours of the match. The Committee reviews the reports, and votes to uphold or deny each report by Thursday afternoon each week. In most cases, misconducts reports are upheld, but the Committee may choose to deny a report for lack of information or misapplication of the laws of the game. If you have a question about the outcome of any misconduct issued during a match, you may request the outcome of the committee’s deliberations on Friday.
All send offs or expulsions require a minimum sit out (non-participation) of one match, per WYS Judicial Policy. A more stringent sanction may be applied, per Committee review. When a more stringent sanction is indicated (outside WYS Judicial Policy guidelines), a hearing with the participant and Committee representatives may be held, usually on Thursday evening, 7:00 pm at the NPSL office.
In all cases involving send offs, Committee decisions and the imposed sanction will be communicated to listed team representative (on schedule) and the Club for distribution to the team and sanctioned player/official. A sit out form will be provided that is to be completed and signed by the referee at the match(s) where the required sanction is served.  If the sit out form does not arrive before your next match, have the game sheet clearly indicate that the player or team official did not participate and get the referee to sign the game sheet as a surrogate for the sit out form.
The Disciplinary Code provides for sanctions against players or teams for repeated misconduct through a season.  A player who receives three cautions throughout the course of a season will be required to sit out one match.
Notifications to the NPSL Disciplinary Committee should be made to the following email address:
Formal protests shall be submitted to the Committee at the above email address.

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