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The Sky’s the Limit at Southlake Select

Experiences shouldn’t be limited by lack of resources, which is one of the many reasons Southlake Select prioritizes accessibility to its programs through dozens of scholarships and offers a suite of creative skill-building activities for soccer players.

One great example of this is its United Kingdom International Soccer Camp, which began in 2018. Trainers from the UK spend spring and fall seasons in Renton, training Southlake Select players individually and as teams, helping them develop as players and take their play one step further.

Another draw for players is the Friday Night Lights program, which last eight weeks in the fall and spring seasons and provides skills and goal kicker training, as well as open-field play. While the program is overseen by staff, it’s largely unstructured and driven by players.

Southlake Select also is looking to restart its futsal program in the near future. Similar to indoor soccer, but without walls and using a slightly heavier balls, futsal is popular among soccer legends including Pelé, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and many more. The program provides the chance to develop technical skills and shake training routines up a bit.

The club partners every summer with the Greater Renton-Tukwila Youth Soccer Association on the 6-a-Side Tournament, a full day of exciting and fast-paced gameplay featuring smaller fields and teams.

Located within the Renton area, Southlake Select supports 30 select teams of more than 400 players and approximately 1,000 players overall.

Southlake Select takes pride in offering an affordable program to meet its goals of community engagement, player inclusion, and robust soccer programs for all. Thanks in large part to the tireless efforts and commitment by Select/Recreation Director and Fields Coordinator Don Sando and President James Leeper, the club has something for every level of player.

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